My name is Judy Olsen. I am the proud owner of Eyreabella Australian Shepherds. 
(Dogs SA Membership #5100023189)

My husband Phil and I are long time Aussie lovers and we are very excited to be supported through our new venture of breeding our beloved breed to the best of our abilities.

I am the Head Instructor at Spencer Gulf Obedience Dog Club in Whyalla, South Australia – where my husband and I reside with our gorgeous Australian Shepherds. I am also a Pet Educator and travel to schools across South Australia with my certified dog promoting safe relationships with children and pets in a safe, learning environment. My partner and I are also the owners of EP Trophies in Whyalla and trade from our home, which allows us to spend all day and every day with our Aussies.

We welcomed our first Australian Shepherd in 2008 after seeing photos of a fluffy blue merle boy available from a breeder in SA. Although not to breeding or conformation standards (and as such has been sterilized) Bailie has been a fantastic introduction to the breed and has taught us so much about Aussies, their health requirements and of course; their fantastic natures and temperaments. Bailie excelled at dog obedience and was trained to CCD level prior to his first birthday. 

Since the introduction of Bailie, we have welcomed a firey red headed girl to the family. Polly was handreared by her breeders Ross Jackson and Bonnie Parker of Parkeyre. We formed a good relationship (now a fantastic friendship) with Bonnie, and when Polly was eight weeks old we felt blessed to be offered her as our own. With Polly our love for the breed grew enormously. We became aware of the DNA tests and rigorous health testing available to Aussies and found ourselves diving into the ANKC Pedigree world head first- researching pedigrees, breed standards, understanding conformation and temperaments, animal husbandry and now undertaking breeding.

2015 welcomed our first litter. We kept two gorgeous kids Belle and Bear.
2016 brought with it the introduction of Skye, our sweet and mischeivious little black tri girl.

At this stage we do not show our Australian Shepherds in conformation, however you may see our dogs in the ring every now and again. We participate in obedience and the pet education program.

Our Australian Shepherds are a part of our family and lives. They live inside and sleep at our feet. Eyreabella Australian Shepherd puppies are no different. They are born and raised in our home and are socialised from an early age.

Please feel free to enquire about any existing or future litters.
Kind regards, Judy Olsen.

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Mrs Judy Olsen
Whyalla, South Australia, SA, Australia
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